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SonixNet ISP

The Foundation of Your Internet Connection

In Japan, it is necessary to obtain a broadband connection and ISP (Internet Service Provider), generally provided separately. The major broadband provider is NTT, with an optical fiber infrastructure.

The key to having a fast and stable internet connection is not so much about the NTT plan type, but more so about the quality the ISP is capable of.

SonixNet ISP does not come with any data limits*, contract terms, or cancellation penalties.

*Service is provided by its best effort. Speeds are neither promised nor constant, and can vary depending on situations.

Email accounts ( are available upon request.

An active NTT East Optical Fiber line is required to subscribe to SonixNet ISP. For details, see here

Hybrid ISP

ISonixNet is Japan’s only hybrid ISP of unprecedented quality. We are partnered with not just one but two of Japan’s top tier network backbone giants, NTTPC and IIJ.

Subscribers are randomly assigned accounts from either of the two backbones. The two account types have different network routings due to the backbones.

If subscribers face congestion or any kind of issues with one account type, they can request to be switched over to the other at no extra cost.

For more details about our backbones, visit NTTPC or IIJ

SonixNet ISP Business Plans

SonixNet also provides Static IP plans for business users. Feel free to ask us for more details.

SonixNet ISP (Dynamic/Static1/Static8)
For Single-Computer Connection
Mac OS 10.6/7/8/9
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7

To set up PPPoE on a router, please consult the router’s instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.

Updated 1st,March,2017