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Internet / IP Telephone Services

SonixNet via NTT Optical Fiber SonixNet via NTT Optical Fiber

Utilizing NTT’s optical fiber network, our SonixNet ISP delivers one of the most reliable internet connections in Japan.

The most important factor that determines your internet speed is the ISP’s backbone, not so much the NTT plan type. A poor-quality ISP can result in a poor connection despite having a high-speed optical fiber connection.

“SonixNet via NTT Optical Fiber” bundles NTT’s services with the SonixNet ISP service, and provides an all in one internet solution.

Each building has their pre-assigned NTT plan type. To find out which internet plan you can apply for, please contact us.

“SonixNet via NTT Optical Fiber (bundled plan)” accepts credit card payments only.

NTT “Hikari Denwa” IP Phone

Hikari Denwa is a fixed IP phone line, provided by NTT through their optical fiber network. In order to apply for this service, an active NTT Optical Fiber internet line is required thus, same day installation is recommended.
You will be assigned with a standard area code number (Tokyo: 03-XXXX-XXXX / Yokohama 045-XXX-XXXX)
Hikari Denwa is cheaper than the conventional analog phone line, while maintaining the same audio quality.

SonixNet via NTT Optical Fiber – Home 1Gbps
Sonixnet via NTT Optical Fiber – Apartment 1Gbps
SonixNet via NTT Optical Fiber – Apartment 100Mbps


NTT Flet's Hikari / SonixNet ISP

NTT's optical fiber line and SonixNet ISP are also available as non-bundled separate contracts.

In other words, the fiber line contract is directly between the client and NTT, and are subject to NTT's terms and conditions.

NTT bills can be paid at most convenience stores. ISP fees can be paid by bank transfer. Payment via automatic bank debiting is also possible for both services. For further details and to apply, see here